Relocation: How to Organize the Relocation of an Employee


In conditions of personnel shortage, the question of expanding the boundaries of personnel search arises. For example, digital agencies and IT companies have long had a practice of attracting specialists from different regions. They help to organize the move as comfortably as possible and quickly adapt to the new city.

But not only the employer is interested in relocation. Often, candidates are faced with the fact that they have reached the ceiling in their city. For them, moving becomes one of the possible, and sometimes the only solution.

How is the Relocation Going?

All employers have different views on which relocation package to offer to an employee. Here are just some of the options for help from the company in the event of a move:

  • payment of tickets only for the employee or for his entire family;
  • payment for transportation of personal belongings;
  • one-time financial assistance as a bonus for moving;
  • payment for a rented apartment for a certain period or for the entire period of work in the company;
  • payment for the services of a realtor;
  • payment for hotel accommodation while the employee is in search of a rented accommodation;
  • payment for the employee’s periodic home trips.

We offer our employees a package that includes reimbursement of travel expenses for the employee and his family members, as well as payment of rental housing for a period of one to three months.

What an Employer Should do Before Moving an Employee

During the relocation of a new employee, a great responsibility falls on the HR manager. He needs:

  • conduct a careful selection, make sure that the person is really ready to move;
  • immediately discuss all the conditions for moving and living;
  • talk over the main functional tasks of a specialist;
  • to introduce a person in advance to his future leader and mentor.

How is the Adaptation of a New Employee Going?

An employee from another city, like any newcomer, goes through the adaptation process. A new workplace is always stressful. And in this case, it is also complemented by a change of residence. Who should control the process? In our company, the adaptation of a new employee is handled by an HR manager who is responsible for hiring a specific specialist. It is he who provides all the necessary information:

  • schedule;
  • the procedure for passing the adaptation and subsequent certification;
  • the process of communication with the leader and mentor.

The onboarding of local and non-local staff is the same.

Relocation Basics

  • This is an employee’s move to a new place of residence related to work. It happens short and long term.
  • Distributed among digital agencies and IT companies.
  • Each employer offers its own version of a relocation package. It can include paying for tickets, rental housing, and more.
  • The main responsibility in this process lies with the HR manager.
  • An employee from another city, like any newcomer, goes through the adaptation process.
  • Personal insights about relocation: working in a team of professionals, personal contacts, full immersion in the workflow.
  • When moving, it is important not to run straight to the office, but to take the time to get comfortable in the new city.
  • It is also worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the organizational structure of the company in advance.