Policy Design

At NRI Relocation we understand that, while some challenges of relocation are universal, your company’s relocation challenges are unique.

It’s why we take the time to learn your business… your culture… and to get to know your people. Before we make a single recommendation for your relocation policy, we learn what’s important to your business. We work closely with you to give you a full picture of the competitive environment, cost containment options, industry practices, and more.

After you’ve made an informed decision, NRI will then design a relocation policy with exactly the special services you want and need – and we’ll help you make your relocation offers attractive and easy to understand.

The fact is, NRI believes a well-designed relocation policy is only well-designed if it’s designed for you. So, in the end, you can be fully confident your relocation program supports your recruitment and retention objectives, and is right for your company.

Additionally, we find many existing corporate relocation policies are outdated or have not kept pace with company changes. If your relocation policy could use a little fine-tuning – this is a service you’ll want to take advantage of.  We can help make sure your existing relocation policy is current with industry practices, and covers your company’s current needs.

  • Create a foundation for success
  • Consistent policy application ensures fairness
  • Fewer exceptions
  • Continuous support throughout the relocation
  • Less administrative time for you and your staff